It is summer already and half of the year has already passed by. Life changes like getting married or a new job can be exciting events. This is the perfect time to see your accountant for a quick tax checkup. I normally recommend clients send in their most recent paystub. I use the stubs to check if the amount of taxes being withheld is accurate. I use this time to remind clients of the recommended strategies for tax minimization given to them previously.

The summer is provides a little more free time than during the busy season. If the strategies suggested are no longer viable we can formulate a plan tailored to your liking. A checkup is a great way to avoid any unexpected surprises at the tax desk. It still gives you time to prepare for changes you might have not been aware of. If you’re a do it yourself small business problems with your books are easier to find with less transactions. The details of events are easier to be remembered now rather than a year later.

I know it can be stressful when the tax bill is larger than originally planned. Having that knowledge know can empower you to make necessary changes for your business. You can enjoy your vacation knowing your accounting is in order. If you need bookkeeping services or an individual tax review you should Contact Us today at International Accountants and Tax Consultants.